Mock Consultations

Consultations seemed like the hardest part starting out and I was really nervous before the first one. However, after doing a few they began to feel more natural and I started to learn how to better explain what I knew in a way other people would understand. The most challenging one was creating a PowerPoint on Canva, which I had never done before. During the consultation, I learned how it works while working with my mock guest. During these consultations, I gained confidence in helping others with systems I know how to use myself.

Canva and Piktochart

I have used Canva before and felt like I was coming to understand it pretty well, but I had never used Piktochart. This meant I learned a lot when I had to use Piktochart to make an infographic.


While I had used Canva before, I still learned quite a bit about it.


Before a mock consultation with Mandy and Edmund, I had never built a presentation on Canva. When we were doing it, I learned a lot about how building the slides works, the different presentation modes, and what the timer at the top meant (even though I was stuck on it for a while).


Later, Mandy revealed to me that despite the fact I thought Piktochart was the only one with the charts, Canva will also allow you to make charts. This was a great discovery as it allowed me to make the charts used for this blog on Canva.


Piktochart was completely new to me, so I booked an appointment with Mandy. She explained Piktochart to me and I was delighted to find it functioned a lot like Canva. I was a little less thrilled when I learned I would receive only two downloads and only be able to have 5 designs on my account at once if I was not willing to pay for it.

Difference Between Them

By practicing with both, I learned the pros and cons of Canva and Piktochart.

Chart detailing the pros and Cons of Canva
Made on Canva

Domain of One’s Own and WordPress: What I Learned

Before starting here, I had most of my skills in Domain of One’s Own and WordPress. I knew how to sign up for it, create a subdomain, install an application to the domain, post in WordPress, and how to customize WordPress. However, there was still a lot I learned.


One of the skills I was most happy to start learning was troubleshooting. I had never been inside the files manager before the task was assigned to fix a WordPress blog where we were unable to get into the backend. (I also didn’t know it was called a backend before working here.) Using WordPress’s guide, I was able to navigate through what might be causing the White Screen of Death before realizing it was the latest theme installed. I guess now I also know to add easy-blogily to the list of themes to tell people not to get alongside Adventure Journal.

Changing the Adminstrator’s Name and Adding More

During my mock consult with Bob, I had to help Bob add people to Bob’s blog and make it so everyone had their own name. I was stuck and I couldn’t find any good guides (admittedly this is because I needed one, at that moment and whenever I need one I seem unable to find it). I asked Adura (who found the guide very easily) to assist me. During this, I learned how to add more administrators to a blog. Next, I had to learn how to change the name. Assuming it was in the same place where you added people, I was able to look at the options available and figure out how to do it. I was later able to assist someone else with this newfound knowledge.


While I have played around with menus before I learned more about them!

Before and After: An Overview


Before I completed my DKC consultant training all my digital knowledge, so to speak, come from my Intro to Digital Studies class and my very limited experience from being online in the past.

My infographic showing how my skills were as rated by me before starting my work here. WordPress/ Domain of One's Own 60%, Canva/Piktochart 55%, Video Editing 50%, Photo Editing 20%, 3D Printing/Production Studio/Podcast Studio 0%, and Consulting Skills 0%
Made on Canva.


After I finished training magically my skills increased.

My infographic showing how my skills were as rated by me after starting my work here. WordPress/ Domain of One's Own 75%, Canva/Piktochart 80%, Video Editing 57%, Photo Editing 50%, 3D Printing/Production Studio/Podcast Studio 50%, and Consulting Skills 70%
Made using Canva


These numbers have no real meaning as they were random values created by yours truly. However, hopefully, they should demonstrate how much my skills have improved.