Mock Consultations

Consultations seemed like the hardest part starting out and I was really nervous before the first one. However, after doing a few they began to feel more natural and I started to learn how to better explain what I knew in a way other people would understand. The most challenging one was creating a PowerPoint on Canva, which I had never done before. During the consultation, I learned how it works while working with my mock guest. During these consultations, I gained confidence in helping others with systems I know how to use myself.

Domain of One’s Own and WordPress: What I Learned

Before starting here, I had most of my skills in Domain of One’s Own and WordPress. I knew how to sign up for it, create a subdomain, install an application to the domain, post in WordPress, and how to customize WordPress. However, there was still a lot I learned.


One of the skills I was most happy to start learning was troubleshooting. I had never been inside the files manager before the task was assigned to fix a WordPress blog where we were unable to get into the backend. (I also didn’t know it was called a backend before working here.) Using WordPress’s guide, I was able to navigate through what might be causing the White Screen of Death before realizing it was the latest theme installed. I guess now I also know to add easy-blogily to the list of themes to tell people not to get alongside Adventure Journal.

Changing the Adminstrator’s Name and Adding More

During my mock consult with Bob, I had to help Bob add people to Bob’s blog and make it so everyone had their own name. I was stuck and I couldn’t find any good guides (admittedly this is because I needed one, at that moment and whenever I need one I seem unable to find it). I asked Adura (who found the guide very easily) to assist me. During this, I learned how to add more administrators to a blog. Next, I had to learn how to change the name. Assuming it was in the same place where you added people, I was able to look at the options available and figure out how to do it. I was later able to assist someone else with this newfound knowledge.


While I have played around with menus before I learned more about them!