Here is a list of helpful digital Guides that I used on my journey-

DKC Staff Handbook

A useful source available for DKC consultants is the DKC Staff Handbook. While it discusses topics such as DKC policies it also provides useful tips for dealing with a variety of problems.

DKC Tool Guides

These are tool guides created by the DKC itself. There are ones on video editing, audio editing, website building, photo editing, graphic design, 3D Modeling, Mapping & Timeline, Presentation & Recording, Online Productivity, and last, but certainly not least accessibility.

WordPress Guides

This set of guides was created by WordPress. The link to them is pretty easy to find when creating any WordPress blog. When you click on a WordPress blog on Domain of One’s Own, the third link will lead you to them.

Image showing where the link can be found.

They have guides on getting started, installing WordPress, basic usage, basic administration, customizing, maintenance, security, advanced topics, and troubleshooting. Personally, I have only used the troubleshooting guide so far, but it was a lot of help.

World Empress’s DKC Training Blog

The precursor to this blog the DKC Training Blog presented by me has the work I did answering Are You Ready to Consult Questions and has become a great place to store my knowledge when I need to go back and refer to it.