Canva and Piktochart

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I have used Canva before and felt like I was coming to understand it pretty well, but I had never used Piktochart. This meant I learned a lot when I had to use Piktochart to make an infographic.


While I had used Canva before, I still learned quite a bit about it.


Before a mock consultation with Mandy and Edmund, I had never built a presentation on Canva. When we were doing it, I learned a lot about how building the slides works, the different presentation modes, and what the timer at the top meant (even though I was stuck on it for a while).


Later, Mandy revealed to me that despite the fact I thought Piktochart was the only one with the charts, Canva will also allow you to make charts. This was a great discovery as it allowed me to make the charts used for this blog on Canva.


Piktochart was completely new to me, so I booked an appointment with Mandy. She explained Piktochart to me and I was delighted to find it functioned a lot like Canva. I was a little less thrilled when I learned I would receive only two downloads and only be able to have 5 designs on my account at once if I was not willing to pay for it.

Difference Between Them

By practicing with both, I learned the pros and cons of Canva and Piktochart.

Chart detailing the pros and Cons of Canva
Made on Canva

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